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After a fast start, we found 16 solid, dedicated team members who are still in the group today.

Jannes de Koe


Jannes is the owner so we can't say anything funny about him.

Bart Crebolder

Lead Content Manager

Bart drinks more Gin & Tonic than water.

Jana Marinkovic

Managing Director

Jana is well known for her good taste, you can always find her at McDonalds.

Sara Mladenovikj

Affiliate Manager

If Sara isn't taking selfies she is taking care of our partners.

Vladimir Janevski

On Page SEO Manager

Vlado calls himself a boring guy but he is quite interesting.

Maarten Thijssing

SEA Specialist

Maarten makes his most funny jokes when he is not around.

Despina Anchevska

Finance Manager

Despina will prove to you that finance is not the most boring job in the world.

Igor Kanevche

On Page Team Lead

Igor spends more hours playing chess than working.

Kevin Conze

German Content Writer

Kevin will work with us until he has enough money to buy his favorite football club Schalke.

Teo Slavevski

Content Analyst

Teo loves cold Russian winters, cold vodka shots and to train polar bears. Basically loves the cold!

Hristina Videvska

On Page SEO Manager

Meet Hristina, the travel-hungry on-page specialist who navigates websites like she navigates new cities.

Monika Dragojlovikj

SEO Link Builder

Even though Monika is left-handed she builds links like she has two rights.

Vanja Tripunoska Gjorgjeska

On Page SEO Manager

Vanja doesn’t believe in multitasking, unless it involves snacking while choosing a spot to nap.

Davor Petrovikj

Affiliate Manager

Davor is 9/10. The One Piece that he is missing is Naruto

PLYR Media Team Thijs

Thijs Kuik

Finance and Commercial Director

Thijs loves numbers. That's why the universe made him 200000000 nanometers tall. Beer. He also loves beer.

PLYR Media Team Natasa

Natasha Andonova

Research and Development Specialist

Just like Joey doesn't share his food, Natasha doesn't share her rakija.

PLYR Media Team Elena

Elena Matlijovska

On Page SEO Manager

Meet Elena... Well, she's a bit of a mystery right now, but we'll update you as soon as we crack the code!

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